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The Captain Fires a Cannon Blast at Fireball

Bryan Dent
Written by Bryan Dent

Just in time for the excitement that is “Talk Like a Pirate Day” (September 19th, if you didn’t know) Captain Morgan has launched a new rum on the world: Captain Morgan Cannon Blast, described as “an intensely delicious shot,” 70 proof and packaged in a bottle that looks like a cannonball and glows in black light.

Parent company Diageo says the new drink is a mix of Caribbean rum, natural flavors and a “bold spice blend” of citrus, chipotle and jalapeno pepper that delivers a “spark of heat.” The Morganette Girls have already been deployed to bars to ply their charms on Cannon Blast’s target consumers, shot drinkers:

Michael Ward, global head of innovation at Diageo, said: “Consumers are making more choices around mixers, and shots have really changed in the US. They used to be something for guys to show they are guys, but now men and women do them together.

“For a brand like Captain Morgan that’s about nights out, Cannon Blast is a really fun, high energy drink that we are having a lot of fun with. It demonstrates how innovations can solve consumer needs that the base brand cannot fulfill.”

This is, of course, another “fiery” drink that hopes to chip away at Fireball, easily the most popular shooter right now. Having had a chance to try Cannon Blast, I can report that it tastes okay, not overly sweet, about as good as any other drink that has no higher purpose than to be poured directly down your throat. Certainly it’s no worse than Fireball. Perhaps the unique packaging will turn some heads.

At Cannon Blast’s formal unveiling on September 2nd, Diageo also announced plans to introduce a peppermint-flavored version of Smirnoff later this year. This new shooter will have… scratch-and-sniff labels. In the strange world of shot-drinking fads, where even the likes of Jägermeister and Fireball can become monster sellers, who’s to say cannonball-shaped bottles and scratch-and-sniff won’t spark a trend?




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