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Bryan Dent

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Frank Kelly Rich

Editor of Modern Drunkard Magazine

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Dylan Jesse

Dylan is a freelance writer and general itinerant who now lives in what may very well be a some kind of hippie commune, but which has an official beer sponsor (thanks, Montucky Cold Snacks!). He has many thoughts on what you can do with your flavored vodkas, and none of them include drinking. He occasionally accosts ducks in public places, so please do not be alarmed if you see him doing this. They know what they did.

They know.

If you know of any breaking news or troubling rumors that should be brought to the unfocused attention of the drinking masses, write him a letter and include a SASE to [email protected].

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Sarah Szabo

Sarah Szabo is a child of America. An ardent lover of whiskey, beer, and life itself—in that order—she works remotely from the back of a 2000 extended cab maroon Dodge Dakota in NE Oklahoma. For more of her less-savory screeds and adventures, follow her daily log via Twitter, or visit her website,

A.W. Pittman

A.W. Pittman is an internationally-recognized and critically acclaimed Shineboy who learned his craft from the legendary Master Polisher, part-time ocelot rancher, and full-time murderous tyrant "Papa Doc" Duvalier while on a decade-long spiritual quest in beautiful Tierra Del Fuego.
He is well-known for his run-on sentences, love of hyphens, commas, and a crippling inability to remember his own phone number.
He is fascinated by his lifelong fascination with the finer things in life; Loud noises, the faint smell of citrus fruits, and pea gravel.
His favorite drink is alcohol.

Jake Martin

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Nicholas Boaz