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BuzzBallz vs. BoozeBox

Bryan Dent
Written by Bryan Dent

In the grim struggle between pre-mixed, chocolate-flavored semi-cocktails with goofy names, there can be only one victor.

BuzzBallz arrived first on the field. Packaged in floating, recyclable, grenade-shaped cans, and with names like Strawberry Rum Job and Choc Tease, they became a big deal — so big, in fact, that a knockoff competitior called BoozeBox has emerged. Two months ago battle was joined in a Texas court, with BuzzBallz alleging trademark infringement and trade secrets appropriation.

BuzzBallz was conceived in 2009, in the mind of a high school teacher in Carrollton, Texas by name of Merrilee Kick. According to Liquor.com, the multi-tasking Ms. Kick was in the habit of grading papers while kickin’ it in her swimming pool and sipping cocktails, but found that she frequently spilled her drinks. She was inspired to invent a round and near-unspillable cocktail container, one that would also float if knocked unopened in water. Launched in 2010, BuzzBallz today is available in 40 states, and there are plans to take it to overseas markets.

Aha, but here’s the problem: a former employee of BuzzBallz left and went to work for Jem Bev Co. — which also happens to in Carrollton, Texas. Thereafter JemBev suddenly came up with the idea to launch BoozeBox cocktails, shaped in a box canister instead of a ball.  A lawsuit followed.  I love how BuzzBallz petitioned the court:


 Plaintiff BUZZBALLZ

How will this battle turn out? I’m guessing that BuzzBall will KO BoozeBox , but who knows.  Be assured that your Brutal Hammer correspondents will be on the case.


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